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Is Sailing Safe?

Will I fall in?

Sailing is a lifetime sport. It's not without risks, but if you can swim, you should be fine! (We also have full-coverage insurance, just in case...)

Isn't Sailing Expensive?

Isn't Sailing Expensive?

It doesn't have to be!

AYS programs are open to all area youth. (Scholarships are available!) Once you finish the program you'll have the opportunity to sail with Asheville Sailing Club members from April to November.

Is Sailing Hard to Learn?

Is Sailing Hard to Learn?

Well, it takes practice!

Like anything worth doing, the more time you spend sailing, the more you'll learn. We really want you to show up for all the lessons. Make a commitment to yourself.

When are Lessons?

When are Lessons?

It depends on the season!

We have Learn-to-Sail a few weeks every summer. Later in the summer, we host Junior Open Sailing Sessions for sailors we know. After school starts, we will practice on Tuesday & Thursdays and 1 weekend day.

What If I Have to Miss?

What If I Have to Miss?

There's a little leeway

Since each sailing session depends on the one before it, you can only miss one day in a session week. Learning to sail takes commitment!

2023 Sessions

Start off Sailing (Ages 5-7)

This Learn to Sail session helps young children (ages 5-7) feel at ease on the water and be comfortable in boats. Sailors are paired up two to a boat with an emphasis on being safe, having fun and learning the sights, sounds and feel of sailing.

Beginner Opti Sailing (Ages 8-9)

This sailing session is for 8-9 year old sailors who will sail on their own. They learn to sail Optimist Dinghy trainers that are designed to be sailed single-handed!

Junior Sailing (Ages 9-16)

These sailing lessons are for 9-12 year old sailors and will be geared towards different sailing ability and interest of the students.

2023 Junior Open Sailing

Two weekly sessions of Junior Open Sailing, starting Mondays June 26 and July 3 from 1 pm – 5 pm. $100 a week. These sessions are for sailors who have sailed with Asheville Youth Sailing Read more…