About Asheville Youth Sailing

We think everyone – including you – should have the opportunity to feel the wind on your face and the breeze in your hair as you sail out onto a lake alone, and in charge!

Make your own decisions along the way. Some will be good, others will be bad. Grapple with mistakes but know a responsible adult will pull up beside you and coach you out of whatever situation you find yourself in. Maybe you’ve run aground? No problem – shove off! Is your boat facing into the wind? Again, no problem – pivot and be on your way! Too much wind for you? We’ll get you safely to the shore.

There are lots of ways to sail this summer! See the complete program listing here. Three weekly sessions in June will cover everything from sailing traditions, language, skills, and boat handling. Yes, that’s quite a commitment! But learning a new sport takes time and dedication. See the entire schedule of lessons and events here.

Scholarships are available so participants can have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the sport of sailing at little or no cost to their families. The Sailing Scholarship Program focuses on all school-age children who exhibit a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, putting forth the effort to help themselves, who would not have the opportunity to attend well-structured summer sailing education without financial assistance.